Is new car protection worth it?


Is New Car Paint Protection Worth It? Usually yes, but don’t get fleeced by the Dealer!

If you’re in the market for a brand new car, it’s likely you have been offered a New Car Protection package from the dealer and may be wondering if the extra investment is worth it. 

Essentially, new car protection (or new car paint protection) is an additional service whereby an extra protective coating is applied to your vehicle’s exterior and interiors to help protect from damage and keep your car looking like new for longer. 

But is the added expense really necessary? And should you just go for the option your dealer is offering you? Read on to better understand what you’d be getting and what to look out for.

When making a decision, first, consider how much you value the appearance of your car. If you’re someone who takes pride in keeping your vehicle looking pristine, then a paint protection package may be worth the investment. Additionally, if you plan on keeping your car for several years, the added protection can help maintain its resale value. However, if you’re someone who doesn’t mind a few scratches or imperfections, then the added expense may not be necessary. 

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide if the investment is worth it for your individual needs and preferences. The rest of this article aims to provide you with the key things to consider.


What is New Car Paint Protection?

The key elements to a new car protection package are usually twofold:

(i)  a ceramic coating product (the paint protection) that should protect your car’s paint from environmental damage for several years; and usually also

(ii) interior protection products applied to carpets, seats, dash and trim to protect against spills, light abrasion and UV damage.

Ceramic coating to protect your paintwork

Ceramic coating is a newer type of new car paint protection that has become popular due to its effectiveness and long-lasting results. It is a liquid polymer that is applied to the surface of your car’s paint, creating a protective layer that highly durable and long-lasting, and it can help keep your car looking great for years to come, BUT the truth is it depends on the brand used and expertise of the person applying it. More on this later. 

Ceramic coating is designed to create a barrier between your car’s paint and the outside environment. It can help protect against a variety of potential hazards, including UV rays, bird droppings, tree sap, and more. By adding an extra layer of protection to your car’s exterior, you can help ensure that it stays looking great for years to come. For more information on ceramic coating, read our article Is Ceramic Coating Worth it? 

Some New Car Paint Protection packages also include rust protection, which is only necessary if you’re purchasing an offroad vehicle and plan on doing some beach driving. However, this can always be performed separately and you can potentially pick up a better deal elsewhere.

Interior carpet, fabric, leather, dash and trim protection

There’s always a focus on protecting your car’s paintwork, but it’s also really worthwhile to protect your car interior against coffee and general liquid spills, UV rays, sunscreen and makeup and abrasion. Our New Car Protection package also protects carpets, mats, fabric and leather upholstery, as well as trim and dash.

The products used make it much easier to clean off any spills and marks and help your car look newer for longer.

Why is New Car Paint Protection Worth It?

If you’re still wondering whether new car paint protection is worth it, we would say…

“yes in most cases it is…BUT…as long as a quality product is used by a reputable professional.”

Here are a few reasons why you should consider investing in paint protection for your new car.

Protection from damage and wear

Your car’s paint job is constantly exposed to the elements, including road grime, bird droppings, and other debris. Over time, this can cause damage to the paint resulting in chips, scratches, fading from UV damage, and other imperfections. By investing in paint protection, you can help prevent a lot of this damage and it will keep your car looking like new for longer. But do note however that a ceramic paint protection won’t protect against significant stone chips and deeper scratches – you’d need a paint protection film for this which is great, but does come with a higher price tag.

Preserving the car’s shine and appearance

In addition to protecting your car from damage, paint protection can also help preserve the car’s shine and appearance. Over time, exposure to the sun and other elements can cause the paint to fade and lose its lustre. By applying a protective coating, you can help keep your car looking shiny and new for years to come.

When it comes to protecting your car’s paint, there are a few options available, including wax and sealants – read our article comparing some of the common paint protection techniques. While waxes and sealants can provide some protection, they often need to be reapplied frequently to maintain their effectiveness. By contrast, ceramic paint protection can provide long-lasting protection with minimal maintenance.

Overall, investing in ceramic new car paint protection is a smart choice if you want to keep your car looking its best for years to come. Whether you’re worried about damage, or simply want to maintain your car’s shine and appearance, a ceramic protective coating can provide the protection you need.

Beware! Not all new car paint protection services are equal

If you want to keep your new car in tip-top shape and decide you do want to protect your new car, it’s important to know that not all New Car Paint Protection packages are equal in terms of quality and longevity of protection. There is a vast amount of variation in the protection provided, depending on products used and the thoroughness of the application process.

Dealer packages are not the best value!

It is important to know that there are different brands of ceramic coating that provide different levels of protection that last from a few months, to many years.

In our experience the new car paint protection packages provided by the Dealers are not usually the best, as they use cheaper inferior products that get applied quickly, often resulting in the protective qualities disappearing within several months.

Sadly, we’ve seen many cars come to us where the new car paint protection has failed after about 6 months, which gives ceramic coatings a bad reputation – but good quality coating products will last for years if they are applied correctly! 

If your dealer cannot provide you with a guarantee for the work, they may not be using the best products – so look for a local ceramic coating specialist who can provide you with a guarantee and more peace of mind.

Quality protection products are key

We use market-leading ceramic coating brand Gtechniq and its professional range of products Crystal Serum Light and Ultra. When applied by an accredited detailer (as we are), Gtechniq provides you with a 5 year (for Light) or 9 year (for Ultra) guarantee. Read why we believe Crystal Serum Ultra is the best ceramic coating product on the market currently.

So, if you’re considering new car paint protection, we would strongly advise doing a bit of research and going direct to a professional detailer that specialises in applying ceramic coatings – they are more likely to use a better quality product and do a better job applying it – particularly if they can provide you with a solid guarantee. Unfortunately, even some professional detailers will cut corners and not use the best products available in order to increase profits. It’s sad, but true my friends.

What’s included in New Car Paint Protection?

Here we outline the 10 steps that we perform with our New Car Protection service – although in reality not all packages on the market will be as thorough as this – particularly those purchased through the dealers.

If you source your own independent detailer for the job, it’s worth quizzing them on the process they undertake before purchasing their new car paint protection to give you an idea of their quality.

Step 1: Preparation is key (9 step decontaminant wash)

When applying a ceramic coating properly, there’s a lot of work that’s critical to first prepare the car’s paint to remove any flaws (yes, even in brand new cars) and to remove any contaminants that might prevent the ceramic coating from adhering strongly. 

If these steps are missed, even the best product in the world will not adhere properly and will not last very long.

We start by undertaking a 9-stage decontamination clean before we start correcting the paintwork ready for ceramic coating.

Step 2: Remove paint imperfections

Firstly we assess the paintwork to determine the correct approach to achieve the best results for your specific vehicle. Once we’ve decided the perfect combination of pads and compounds, we measure the thickness of the paint using a paint thickness gauge and mark down any notable defects. If the paint surface requires more than one stage of correction we will discuss the options with you and any additional costs with you.

Then we proceed with correcting the paint using a combination of the latest dual action machines to provide the best possible finish ready for ceramic coating.

Once the paint has been fully corrected, any polish residue is thoroughly removed using an IPA solution to ensure the best possible surface for the ceramic coating.

Step 3: Apply the ceramic coating

We then apply the Gtechniq ceramic coating across the entire bodywork using the 3-cloth method to ensure an even coating across all surfaces. This coating is guaranteed for 5 or 9 years (with Crystal Serum Light or Ultra) as we are Gtechniq accredited.

Step 4: Let the ceramic coating cure

After applying the ceramic paint protection, it is important to let it cure. This will help to ensure that the protection lasts as long as possible. The curing time will depend on the brand of ceramic coating product. Another reason we like Gtechniq’s professional ceramic coating range of products is that it takes far less time to cure than many of its competitors, meaning we can usually complete the service in a single day, ready for our customers to drive away late afternoon.

Step 5: Windscreen & glass hydrophobic coating

The windscreen and glass then gets a coating of Gtechniq C1 Smart Glass which improves wet weather visibility helping to improve safety and eye strain. It also makes removing contaminants from the glass such as bugs and tree sap much easier.

Step 6: Ceramic wheel coating

Finally, to complete the exterior protection, we coat your wheels in Gtechniq’s superb, heat resistant C5 wheel coating which protects against corrosive brake dust and general dirt and grime keeping your wheels shiny.

Step 7: Interior clean

The Gtechniq car interior protection MUST be applied to a completely dry interior so it cannot be added after a shampoo or steam clean. We provide an interior detail as part of this service that includes light dust and dirt removal and vacuuming but does not include shampoo or steam cleaning due to the need for very dry fabric before coating. With a new car the interior should still be in pretty good condition.

Step 8: Carpets, mats and fabric upholstery protection

Inside we protect the carpets, mats and fabric upholstery with Gtechniq’s Smart Fabric AB which includes Anti Bacterial technology.

Step 9: Leather upholstery protection

Inside we protect the carpets, mats and fabric upholstery with Gtechniq’s Smart Fabric AB which includes Anti Bacterial technology.

Step 10: Dash and trim protection

We apply Gtechnq’s C6 Matte Dash AB on all plastic trims to protect against coffee, milk and general liquid spills, UV rays and sunscreen/makeup as well as increasing abrasion resistance.

Paint Protection Pro BONUS: Receive a complementary Gtechniq car care kit!

Now this isn’t standard for all detailers, but with Paint Protection Pro, every New Car Protection customer receives a free Gtechniq wash guide and care kit including the following top quality care products to keep your car in perfect condition including:

250ml GWash

250ml Quick Detailer

250ml T2 Tyre Dressing

1 x MF2 Zero Scratch Microfibre Drying Towel

2 x MF1 ZeroR Scratch Buff Cloth

How to maintain your New Car Paint Protection

Once you have invested in a new car paint protection, it’s important to maintain it to ensure it lasts as long as possible. Here are a few tips to help you maintain your new car paint protection:

Avoid Regularly Parking Under Trees

Trees can be a major source of damage to your car’s paint job. Sap, leaves, and other debris can fall onto your car and cause damage to the paint. Additionally, birds often perch on trees and can leave droppings on your car, which can be acidic and cause damage to the paint. To avoid this, try to park in areas that are free of trees or park in a garage.

Clean Bird and Bat Droppings Promptly

If you do find bird or bat droppings on your car, it’s important to clean them off as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more damage the droppings can cause to the ceramic coating layer, and if left a long time, it could even burn through to the actual paint clear coat. Use a clean microfiber cloth and a gentle cleaning solution to remove the droppings. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials, as they can damage the coating over time.

Clean Your Car Properly

When cleaning your car, it’s important to use the right products and techniques to avoid damaging the paint. Use a gentle car wash soap and a microfiber mitt to wash your car. Avoid using abrasive materials, such as sponges or brushes, as they can still scratch the coating. Rinse the car thoroughly with clean water and dry it with a clean microfiber towel.

By following these tips, you can help to maintain your new car paint protection and keep your car looking great for years to come.

In Summary

So if you’ve been wondering whether new car paint protection is worth the investment, we hope this article has given you some useful advice to help you decide. The answer ultimately depends on your personal preferences and priorities of course.

If you value having a shiny, showroom-quality appearance for your vehicle and want to maintain its resale value – and are willing to pay for it – then a good quality protection will be worth it for you. However, if you keep your car in a garage and have the time to regularly wash and apply a wax coating (every 4-6 weeks) then you may not necessarily need it.

As a car paint protection specialist, I regularly see the damage to car paint and interiors when not protected. I personally believe it’s well worth it and always apply Gtechniq protective coatings to my own vehicles.

If you do decide to invest in new car protection, we’d strongly recommend finding a reputable professional car detailer that will do a far better job than you’ll get through dealers as they should use higher quality products and take longer to prepare the vehicle and apply the coatings. But do make sure you get a guarantee for the work and know how long it is meant to last, as not all ceramic coatings last as long as Gtechniq, and not all detailers are accredited to apply them.

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