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Best Ceramic Coatings for Cars, Caravans & Motorhomes on the Sunshine Coast – GUARANTEED!

At Paint Protection Pro we specialise in everything you need to keep your pride and joy looking shiny and protected from daily wear and tear. We are Gtechniq-accredited, THE market-leader in ceramic car coating and interior car protection. Our ceramic paint protection work is guaranteed for up to 9 years through Gtechniq.

Learn why we believe Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra is THE BEST ceramic coating on the market in 2023.

And, unlike car paint protection films (ppf), ceramic paint protection doesn’t cost the earth! We have different options to suit your vehicle and budget. And we’re always happy to do a free inspection on your vehicle and discuss with you the best protection approach to suit your goals.

View our Car Paint Correction, Ceramic Car Coating & Interior Protection services below. You can easily book online or just give us a call on 0413 853 100

Car paint correction

It’s important that your car’s paintwork is as perfect as possible before we apply ceramic coating paint protection. Paint Correction (also called ‘cut n polish’) removes imperfections from the paint. If your car is brand new this should be a single stage, but older cars are likely to require 1 or 2 additional stages for a more extensive correction. Price from $550.

New car protection package

Maintain that showroom shine and protect your investment! If you’re buying a new car, or recently bought one, keep it looking like new with our premium New Car Protection Package. This includes a full exterior ceramic car coating, wheels and windscreen, as well as superior protection for interior upholstery, carpets, mats, dash and trim.

This is the best full protection your car can get – guaranteed for 5 to 9 years. Price from $1250

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Bring back the gloss with our leading ceramic paint protection for cars. Accredited by Gtechniq, Paint Protection Pro guarantees you lasting protection for up to 9 years. Our ceramic coatings for cars provide protection from sun damage, tar, tree sap, bird & bat droppings, makes cleaning a breeze, and adds superb gloss. Price from $950

Leather seat protection

Protect your car interior against coffee and general liquid spills, UV rays, sunscreen and makeup and increases abrasion resistance. We protect carpets, mats, fabric and leather upholstery with Gtechniq’s Smart Fabric which includes Anti Bacterial technology. We also use Gtechniq’s Leather Guard on leather seats and Gtechniq’s Matte Dash AB on all the plastic trims. Price from $250

Gtechniq windscreen and glass coating

Your windscreen and glass coated in Gtechniq’s Smart Glass improves wet weather visibility helping to improve safety and eye strain.

It also makes removing contaminants from the glass such as bugs and tree sap much easier. Price from $199.

Ceramic coating for wheels

To keep your new wheels super shiny and protect from corrosive break dust and general dirt and grime, we’ll coat them in Gtechniq’s superb heat-resistant C5 wheel coating.

As with all our ceramic coating services, this service first includes a deep decontamination clean, before we coating. Price from $250

Caravan paint protection Sunshine Coast

Long-lasting TOUGH protection for your new motorhome or caravan from UV damage and fading with our premium paint protection package from Gtechniq. For new vehicles less than 3 months Includes: Decontamination wash & Gtechniq’s Crystal C1 Coating (5 yr guarantee). Price from $2000 (less than 20ft).

Professional Car Protection Services for the Sunshine Coast & surrounds

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